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#fundLAUTECH Update: The Journey So Far (Facts & Figures)-2


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to several donors and all those who supported this initiative since the roll-out on June 12, 2017. Sequel to the initial update we gave when the initiative clocked 30 days, we find it necessary to provide another update to the general public, more so as we transit to the endowment stage.

Consequently, this update will address the following key issues:
1. Summary of fund raising achievements.
2. Brief on other efforts that took place
3. Brief on fundLAUTECH Collaborative Empowerment Programme.

As at September 28, 2017, we have had 169 different donations broken down as follows:

Internet/Online Banking Transfers- 145
Cheque Lodgments- 10
Cash Deposits into Account- 14

The cleared balance as at September 28, 2017 is N9,362,689.15 (Nine Million, Three Hundred and Sixty Two Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty Nine Naira and Fifteen Kobo). Please find below a further analysis of the amount raised so far:

N200- 1 person
N500- 2 people
N985- 1 person
N1,000- 50 people
N1,500- 1 person
N2,000- 35 people
N2,500- 4 people
N4,000- 2 people
N4,300- 1 person
N5,000- 28 people
N10,000- 13 people
N15,000- 1 person
N20,000- 11 people
N30,000- 1 person
N36,115- 1 group
N50,000- 5 people
N100,000- 5 people
N250,000- 1 person
N500,000- 1 person
N644,589.15- 1 person
N1m- 2 groups
N2m- 1 person
N2.5m- 1 person

We have a few pledges yet to be redeemed such as the following:
1. N250,000 balance of the pledge by the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Enitan-Ogunwusi
2. Five (5) months pension by His Excellency, Senator Rasheed Adewolu Ladoja.
Total pledge yet to be redeemed is N3,472,945.75 (Three Million, Four Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand, Nine Hundred and Forty Five Naira and Seventy Five Kobo).

Current balance- N9,362,689.15
Pledges yet to be redeemed- N3,472,945.75
GROSS TOTAL- N12,835,634.90

Please note that the names of all donors are fully indicated on the crowd funding website (except express instruction to remain anonymous is given). We urge the general public to please visit the website to check their names. We hereby make an open call to any member of the public who made a donation and cannot find his/her name on the website to raise an alarm (please note that the update is as at September 28, 2017).  We wish to publicly thank all the various groups, societies, associations and even a church who donated to this noble initiative. We were very humbled when we received a call that the Fountain of Praise & Power Baptist Church in Ogbomoso raised an offering for this initiative.

It will be trite to mention at this juncture that all expenses incurred on this initiative (fuel, transport, logistics, T-shirts, website, press, hotels, printed materials and other out-of-pocket expenses) have been funded solely by us. No one is sponsoring us neither are we affiliated to any political party. We have not taken a single dime from the donation to fund any expense.

Since the last update, we have expanded the scope of our consultations and visited the Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola to brief him on our efforts. We also visited the new Chairman of the Governing Council of LAUTECH, Prof Oladapo Afolabi.

Below is a synopsis of the various activities and efforts of the #fundLAUTECH team:
1. Publication of 2 infographs explaining the implications of continued closure of the University.
2. Release of a jingle/musical produced free of charge by Primepath Studios, Lagos.
3. Appearance on TVC breakfast show to discuss Lautech and the initiative.
4. Various celebrity endorsements by Kunle Afolayan, Nosa, etc.
5. Release of a video by Fadda the Grammarian.
6. Abuja Open Exchange Programme covered by TVC and AIT.
7. Interview on Greetings 105.7 FM, Abuja
8. Radio appearance on Brekete Family anchored by the Ordinary President, Dr Ahmad Isah on Human Rights Radio 101.1FM, Abuja.

As part of our wholesale strategy towards addressing the issue of the prolonged strike/closure of LAUTECH, we collaborated with several companies who were willing to assist in training Lautech undergraduates who have been idle for over one year. We are sincerely grateful to these individuals and companies that assisted in granting the fundLAUTECH interns the opportunity to sharpen their skills, learn a new vocation and prepare for the future. Special thanks to Royal Niddle, Red Projects, IfeCrystals, Shelter Electronics and Unique Cakes. The training and internships were done free of charge. No one paid any amount for the placements. May God continue to bless your business concerns.

We are very grateful to the general public for your trust and we thank all those who donated. We must not fail to acknowledge the efforts of Lautech Defenders, a group of young and vibrant undergraduates who gave their best in pushing this initiative. We understand the pessimism of those who couldn't get involved due to the general distrust and lack of integrity in our society but we hope that with this effort, we can begin a process of gradual restoration of public accountability. We acknowledge our inability to raise N1b (One billion Naira) as we previously canvassed. It was not for lack of trying. We are however glad that we succeeded in raising a national awareness about the Lautech impasse. We consider this initiative a breakout success especially when you consider the public debate this generated.

With the resolution of this crisis in view, we are transiting to the endowment phase. In a subsequent update, we shall unveil the specific endowments after due consultation with the stakeholders.

God bless you.

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