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The rate at which people keep calling and asking question about the true intention of the two Governors to sell LAUTECH calls for a total concern. As some would say their intention is to sell the school to Lebanese or Chinese, others have always opined to be sold to *Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu* and become BATUTECH. But as the case may be, no any substantial fact yet to lay claim on.

However, it's thinkable that the birth of Technical university and UNIOSUN is a challenge to the survival of LAUTECH. Or how do you explain the position of the two Governors on self sustainability if not a total abandonment ? Their intention is to subject the 27 years old institution to civil service rule. And in so doing, LAUTECH would be seen as a glorified secondary school and far from competing amongst the best state university.

Regrettably, it's a big sin on our part that we allowed Governor AJIMOBI for a second time and a timeless service in Oyo state. No wonder his brawn leadership has affected a lot of things and at the verge of crippling the educational sector in the state. His counter part also in the neighboring state continue to see himself as the Don. This is a man that has no remorse for LAUTECH students for having said that he also had a delay of 2 years in school and finally became the Governor of Osun state. He made this statement categorically and courageously when the parent forum members met with him few weeks ago.

There has never been a day that any of the LAUTECH students are not in total depression. The lack of thought of those at helms of affairs in both states is quite worrisome. They relish our compromised education as they gaze lovingly at the opulent education of their own children in western capitals. Our own disquiet is their own soothing balm. The sadness that creeps in is fueled and given flesh by the tortured thought of a blissful future that beckons teasingly at other undergraduates from other universities in the country.

Oh, what's the true plan of these two Governors ? Are they trying to ground the institution ? Will they sell it to their goons and cohorts ? Is Samuel Ladoke Akintola their problem ? Why has Tinubu not been talking ? What's the offense of LAUTECH students and staff ? Will the birth of Technical university and UNIOSUN cause the death of LAUTECH ? I can't just think of nothing more grotesque and derisive. The government intransigent attitude and highhandedness is making me to go crazy. Whether they like it or not, LAUTECH will never die.

Now, the elders in the state that visited Obasanjo to talk to the two Governors are also looking forward to hold meeting with some people in the school on Thursday. The reason for this may not be far from the rumor that the two Governors real intention is to sell LAUTECH. The two Governors have not only been showing enough sincerity in their promises they made to the elders that intervened on our behalf but fail to show adequate concern over our plights.

To our chagrin, we later came to sense that their real intention might lead to the total collapse of the institution without regard to the future of over 34,000 students, some who had only three months to graduate and disregarding the role that the founders of the institution played in setting it up. I ask, isn't it the best time to reach out to the former head of state whose during his time LAUTECH was established ? Oh, that former President Ibrahim Babangida must also be contacted.

The two Governors must know that any attempt to sell LAUTECH will fail. And if they ever succeed, their children and family will never know peace. For we LAUTECH students are still coming to govern the two states. In fact, to rule the country as well. I've never for once been furious or make a scowl in any of my write up as this, but what should you expect from a denied graduate and potential Corp members ? To say that civility no longer exist in any of LAUTECH students dictionary is to state the obvious. Sooner or later, we shall revolt in full force.

May LAUTECH rise again !

By ; Oyedeji Ahmed (LMP)
Twitter : Oyedeji_ahmed

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