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How Fake Hushpuppi Almost Duped Me: A Nigerian Cries Out

A Nigerian narrates how he was almost duped on Twitter by fake HushPuppi.
read his ordeal below
I am a student of  one of Nigerian Universities, I have a friend which is a rapper, and very good in these, as we known that to make it in music industry in Nigeria you need to be connected, I took to twitter to help my dear friend, I contacted @huspuppiRay account on twitter which I took to be original Gucci Lord. I slide to his DM,with request of help for my rapper friend, after I commented on a tweet by @hushpuppiRay that he own a record label and he is ready to sign artists to his label
He replied me that he loves the guy songs. I was happy, I told my friend about my new found helper, he was also happy.
After further conversation with the fake account, the user asked me to pay sum of #15000 into this bank account 0244142321 GTBANK. from there I sense something is wrong, because the real HushPuppi  will never ask for money for help, because he is well known for helping people he never know on Social Media.
Please Sir help me post this on your blog so that fellow Nigerians wont fall for the scammer behind the fake twitter account of. The fake account is @HushpuppiRay
Pictures to proof below

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HushPuppi is  a well know Nigerian, Malaysia based big boy
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